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We innovate financial models that benefit both investors and humans

Our Story

Investors think they cannot maximize their wealth while benefiting humans. We believe they can, moreover, a solid evidence from many researches show that human-centered investing models perform better than their peers.

Thus, we work with passion and creativity to innovate feasible financial models that help investors make humans at the center of their investing as long as financially performing better.

our philosophy

Despite many trendy terms, impact investing, responsible finance, sustainable finance, etc. We believe that all of these kinds of investments should be focused on the human being. Because we believe that our planet, including the environment, is to serve humans and not the opposite.

So, we are working hard to:

  • Convince investors of the social and financial benefits of making humans at the center of their investing by research-based evidence.

  • Simplifying the process of making the human at the center of investment by simple and effective tools, models, and foresight.

our services

Impact Strategy

We design impact strategy for investment fund and investment portfolio.

Impact Management

We design framework for impact measurement and management for investment fund and portfolio.

Social Feasibility

We help investors analyze the social feasibility of their investment and monetizing the impact.

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Our team

We are an integrated, talented, and passionate team of financial analysts, design thinkers, and impact strategists who work with fun!

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