Assistant Robots

what is the Assistant Robot?

A smart digital tool that helps you in your decisions based on your answers. Try them now for free. [beta]

The Assistant Robot in Scoring Sustainability

This Robot helps you evaluate how sustainable and green is your project compared using the impact strategizing model. 

This Robot helps you:

drive bettter results with your community and the environemnt

The Assistant Robot in Impact Lean Data

This robot helps you evaluate how you use lean data and save resources in impact measurement and management.

This Robot helps you:

save resources in impact management and measurement 

The Assistant Robot in the Impact Management's Capabilities

This robot helps you evaluate your organization's capabilities in impact measurement and management

This Robot helps you:

maximize the benefits of impact measurement and management

The Assistant Robot in Impact Report Design

This robot helps you evaluate your impact report in respect of many factors in content and communication.

This Robot helps you:

more influence the readers with fewer resources

The Assistant Robot in your Personal Data-Driven Mindset

This robot helps you evaluate your personal culture in data use, compared with standard behaviors.

This Robot helps you:

make more right decision using data behaviors